This Week Activities

Monday :

Slimming oil 5-minute massage!

No massage skills required

Just rub it while watching TV 🙌

Tuesday :

slept late 🥺😂

I was in Labang until 2:30 am while drinking coffee...

After I didn't sleep, I did Holm again at dawn hahahaha

Wednesday :

A Full day in HQ - Office

(Very Cold Day)

Thursday :

Finally, a pretty hotel and a department store were created near my house 😍

Friday :

It's a cafe, but it's so sweet and pretty


Look at the bulldog being held still like this

You like to be hugged haha

I have to eat something to eat, and I have to get pretty too.

But is the French Bulldog this big?

Feeling like a 20 key 😅😅

It’s too big, it’s a surplus at first

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