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MsPuiyi aka Siew Pui Yi shot to fame after she appeared on the cover of the Penthouse magazine earlier this year. While it served to increase her standing, it also made her a bigger target for naysayers.

A common controversy surrounding MsPuiyi has been her blatant display of her body. Most enjoy it, some disapprove of it. However, it seems she may have gone too far this time with some rather revealing photos while wearing Vietnam’s cultural dress, the Ao Dai.

MsPuiyi has apparently been taking a lovely vacation in Vietnam. The influencer and YouTuber supposedly flew there on 2nd April. Of course, she’s taken the chance to get some good photos of her ‘wearing’ Vietnam styled clothes. However, things came to head on 4th April when she posted a photo of herself in the Ao Dai.

The original style of the Ao Dai is a long tunic with slits on both sides and pants underneath. While fairly form-fitting, it covers quite a lot of skin. MsPuiyi’s rendition of the traditional dress however seems very different. Although she is still wearing the tunic, she seems to have forgone the pants and in both photos, is showing her butt.

Some loyal fans have been cherishing MsPuiyi’s look in the Ao Dai. However, Vietnamese netizens have been flooding her comments section with vitriol. Majority have been asking MsPuiyi to remove the photos and respect their culture. “Ao Dai is a tradition of our Vietnamese culture, I find (your) way of wearing the Ao Dai really inappropriate and in Vietnam we call (this) offensive. I and everyone else ask you to take down the image and apologize to Vietnam!” one comment read.

Others attempted to communicate to MsPuiyi why the Ao Dai matters so much to them. “For us, (this) is tramping on (our) history as well as (showing) the loss of quality of the Ao Dai,” one netizen stated. One Malaysian was even spotted appealing to MsPuiyi, saying it wasn’t appropriate to “wear people’s cultural costumes” and take those kinds of photos. Several commented that her dressing was similar to prostitutes otherwise known as phò.

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