Top 15 Korean Female Models You Should Follow on Instagram

Daniel Wallace

Aug 1, 2021

Follow these top 15 Korean female models on Instagram to get the latest information on beauty, fashion. and a preview of a model’s life.

You will see the strict rules they put on themselves to make the clothes that they wear shine through.
1 Irene Kim (아이린 김)
2 Soo Joo (수주)
3 Han Hye Jin (한혜진)
4 Kim Sung Hee (김성희)
5 Kwak Ji Young (곽지영)
6 Park Ji Hye (박지혜)
7 Lee Sung Kyung (이성경)
8 Jinkyung Kim (김진경)
9 Jang Yoon Ju (장윤주)
10 Kang Seung Hyun (강승현)
11 Choi A Ra (최아라)
12 Baek Ji Won (백지원)
13 Chaeeun Sarah Lee (이채은)
14 Hojung Lee (이호정)
15 E Som (이솜)

Irene Kim (아이린 김)

Born: November 6, 1987
Instagram: ireneisgood
Followers: 1.6
Height: 178 cm
Agency: Esteem (Seoul)
Irene’s funny and welcoming personality can be seen from her Instagram posts. She is an influencer with a positive personality who shares her makeup and fashion tips on her posts. Follow her to get the latest fashion trends.

Soo Joo (수주)

Born: March 26, 1986
Instagram: soojmooj
Followers: 589 K
Height: 178 cm
Agency: Wilhelmina (NY), Union (London), Esteem (Seoul)
Soo Joo’s signature yellow hair makes her stand out admongst the other models. Her strong and unique fashion can be seen on her Instagram page. You can see why she modeled for top luxury brands like Chanel and Loreal.
Han Hye Jin (한혜진)

Born: March 23, 1983
Instagram: modelhanhyejin
Followers: 1m
Height: 177 cm
Agency: Esteem models
Han Hye Jin is not only beautiful on the outside but also the inside. She did a 100 outfit challenge to help designers who could not display their clothes at the annual Seoul Fashion week due to COVID 19. She wore 100 outfits in one day and uploaded the video on her Instagram page.

Kim Sung Hee (김성희)

Born: August 20, 1986
Instagram: _sungheekim
Followers: 72.6 K
Height: 177 cm
Agency: Esteem (Seoul), Monster (Milan), Wilhelmina (NY), IMG (Paris)
Sunghee Kim’s instagram page will show you her daily life as a model. From traveling to modeling to skiing, you’ll see that this model loves fashion and posing in front of the camera.

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Kwak Ji Young (곽지영)

Born: September 30, 1990
Instagram: kwak_jy
Followers: 93.9 K
Height: 177 cm
Agency: Esteem
Kwak Ji Young is smart, classy, and also the wife of famous Korean male model Kim Won Joong. You can see her life as a working model with her husband in her Instagram page. She shares her daily life studying English, going to luxury brand premiers, and modeling high end brands.

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Park Ji Hye (박지혜)

Born: February 6, 1988
Instagram: jihyeparkjhp
Followers: 95.4 k
Height: 179 cm
Agency: Esteem
Park Ji Hye’s classic beauty has caught the attention of high end brands making her career list stand strong. She has modeled for Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and so much more. Her credibility and fame shows that she is one of Korea’s top female models.

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Lee Sung Kyung (이성경)

Born: August 10, 1990
Instagram: heybiblee
Followers: 11.2 m
Height: 176 cm
Agency: YG Entertainment
Lee Sung Kyung participated in the 2008 Supermodel where she started her career as a model. Afterwards, she appeared in commercials and TV dramas. She is a model turned actress and continually posts her daily life on her Instagram page.

Jinkyung Kim (김진경)

Born: March 3, 1997
Instagram: jinkyung3_3
Followers: 473 K
Height: 172 cm
Agency: Esteem
Jinkyung became famous when she appeared on Onstyle’s Korea’s Next Top Model as the runner up in 2012. Afterwards, in 2016 she starred in a web-drama called Yellow. This led her to more variety shows like “We Got Married” and TV dramas. You can see her daily life as an actress and model on her Instagram page. You won’t be bored as she keeps her life quite active.

Jang Yoon Ju (장윤주)

Born: November 7, 1980
Instagram: yoonjujang
Followers: 1.2 m
Height: 173 cm
Agency: Esteem
Jang Yoon Ju you can say is a veteran model in Korea. In 1998, she started modeling for Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and other luxury brands. She is also a singer, writer, entertainer, spokesperson for Save the Children, and her active life can be seen on your Instagram page.

Kang Seung Hyun (강승현)

Born: September 22, 1987
Instagram: hyoni_kang
Followers: 330 K
Height: 178 cm
Agency: Beasters Entertainment
Kang Seung Hyun won first place in Ford’s Supermodel of the World Korea in 2007 and again in 2008. She is a model turned entertainer turned fashion designer. She is collaborating with Fleamadonna and modeling clothes that fit the women’s body well. Check out her Instagram page to see the clothes she models and her daily life.

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Choi A Ra (최아라)

Born: January 14, 1993
Instagram: araraach
Followers: 77.5 k
Height: 178 cm
Agency: Aile company
Choi A Ra is a beautiful Korean female model whose Instagram page is slightly different from other models. She shows more of her everyday life and the simple joys in her instagram page. You can tell her personality is outgoing and that she loves nature.

Baek Ji Won (백지원)

Born: October 26, 1990
Instagram: ji.wonderful
Followers: 7,348
Height: 177 cm
Agency: Esteem
Baek Ji Won’s face stands out among other models as her skin color is a little bit darker. She makes the clothes she wears look fabulous. She also likes art and has many hand drawings shown on her Instagram page.

Chaeeun Sarah Lee (이채은)

Born: August 29, 1989
Instagram: rockchaeeun
Followers: 200 K
Height: 163 cm
Agency: freelance model
Chaeeun Rock or Chaeeun Lee started her debut as a model in 2013 as a G-star’s Wide Buster model. She is a freelance model and also an activist for adopting pets. Her instagram page shows her beautiful modeling pictures.

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Hojung Lee (이호정)
Born: January 20, 1990
Instagram: holly608
Followers: 431 k
Height: 170 cm
Agency: YG Entertainment
Hojung is a young but strong model whose charismatic look was featured in music videos, films, and dramas. She recently was in a movie called “In Jil” as the adult version of Hye Won, one of the main characters of this thriller criminal movie.
E Som (이솜)

Born: January 30, 1990
Instagram: esom_
Followers: 510 K
Height: 171 cm
Agency: Artist Company
Esom had a dream to become a model during her middle school years. Her dream came true and now she is a model turned actress. Her cute but charismatic personality can be shown on her Instagram page.